3 Ways OnDemand Delivery Platforms Put You On Top of The Business Game

21st century customers no longer wish to take a long walk to your store to buy anything they need. They want to get everything delivered at their office or home just by tapping the screen of their smartphone a few times. This is how smartphone apps are changing the way businesses are getting customers and taking strides towards corporate progress in 21st century. Among millions of apps doing rounds in Google and iOS play stores, OnDemand Delivery Platform is one such powerful smartphone application developed by the best mobile app developers in India at SoftProdigy.

This powerful mobile app makes it very easy for businesses to fulfill OnDemand Delivery requests by their customers. This mobile app has not only changed the game of retail business but has also changed what many popular hybrid mobile app development companies had been serving business with for years.

Now let’s come to the bottom line and see how OnDemand Delivery Platform is turning never like before corporate growth on digital front into a reality.

Change in the Way Business Game is Played:

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who does not have time to visit your store but needs your product desperately. In such a situation, would ever like to stop your important work midway and visit a store miles away for buying a product you need?

Honestly, your answer will be no! You would like to tap-open an application installed in your smartphone and purchase the product you need.

Similarly, your customers also don’t have ages to visit your store for shopping all the time. They have many more personal emergencies to deal with. In such a situation, you being a business owner, need a platform for the following three important purposes:

  • 1) To help your customers place orders online.
  • 2) To receive the orders placed by your customers online.
  • 3) To deliver the orders of your customers at their preferred destination.

This is where SoftProdigy, a group of the best mobile app developers in India came forward to help business owners meet On Demand Delivery request from their customers.

What makes OnDemand Delivery Platform a one stop solution that business owners need in 21st century for corporate growth on digital front? Let’s Find it Below:

Easy and Effective Management of Users and Orders:

Our developers and designers kept the requirements of a business owner during the complete design and developmental phase of this app. This is why they have incorporated very advance backend tools and features in its admin interface. The main purpose was to help business owners gain access to the users, their information and orders they have placed.

Backend tools incorporated in the Admin Panel of this allow business owners like you to effectively manage customers’ information and the following;

  • 1) Product Price
  • 2) Offers on Products
  • 3) Discounts on Products
  • 4) Information Related to Product Packing
  • 5) Location Routing
  • 6) Billing information
  • 7) Information About Product Marketing
  • 8) Real-time Information About Communication Between the Customer and Delivery Boy.

According to the hybrid mobile app development company responsible for creating this app, this list is not limited the points mentioned above.

More Than One Integrated Payment Options are Available:

You, being a business owner will benefited with OnDemand Delivery Platform, for the following two reasons:

1) It allows you to accept payment from your customers through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and even Cash-on-Delivery.

2) Secondly, your customers are not bound to make payments only through the system you recognize and they don’t have access to. Meaning, they can pay you for the product bought by them using any credit card, debit card of their own. They can even pay you Cash-on-Delivery or through e-wallet of their choice.

That’s how OnDemand Delivery Platform puts you on top of the business game.

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